Lesson 0. Intro

Here's the NCT primer that no one asked for! They're slowly gaining traction, and you're probably lying if at least one member hasn't caught your eye at some point. So why not learn more about the group that's set out to take over the world?

Note: I recommend using the browser extension Imagus to view links in this primer

the basics of ncity

NCT is currently an 18-member group under SM Entertainment. Emphasis on currently, because the point of NCT is that the members are fluid. NCT is confusing for people because 1) they have 18+ members, and 2) they are broken up into different subunits. Some members are in multiple subunits. Some members are in no fixed units. It's okay, we can clear up confusion!

reasons to stan NCT:

  • they have really, really good choreography.
  • they crank out content. they've had content since pre-debut.
  • they're very multicultural and global.
  • there's a lot of people with really interesting dynamics.
  • you never know what's coming next. you don't know which days you're going to wake up to 5 hours of vlive content that happened while you were asleep, or a twitter spam of selfies, or an official shipping poll, or radio silence. every day is a surprise.
  • reasons to not stan:

  • boys.
  • a lot of them are really young.
  • its hard to stan a group when theres no guarantee your bias will be in the next comeback (read: DON'T stan ten or kun).
  • part distribution is kind of terrible, but their songs are good so you win some you lose some.
  • they're SM so they're on a pretty tight leash.
  • the history

    chronologically NCT goes U (The 7th Sense/Without You) -> 127 (Firetruck) -> Dream (Chewing Gum) -> 127 (Limitless) -> Dream (My First and Last) -> 127 (Cherry Bomb) -> Dream (We Young) -> NCT 2018 Empathy which is a clusterfuck of all units.

    does this make sense yet? not likely. so let's make sense of it.